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Finding the ways to fill the time

The Sydney Morning Herald Photo Journalism Competition

Australian newspaper, The Sydney Morning Herald holds an annual photo challenge competition: Photos1440 Challenge. 2013’s session is already underway, but entrants still have a few weeks remaining before the due … Continue reading

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Nature Chill Out Video

This is a video of nature clips my husband made to check the quality of his camera. You can dial it up to HD for better quality. The shots were … Continue reading

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Interesting Blog Awarded

Mutterings of a Midnight Muser – who writes a stack of thought-provoking essays from everything to relationships to beating procrastination (which is where I think I first encountered her blog) … Continue reading

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Selling Short Stories For a Song: Busybird Publishing

It can be hard finding a magazine that accepts short stories these days – unless they are vampire/zombie/brownie erotic horror themed. Busybird Publishing’s [untitled], which seeks to avoid the labeling … Continue reading

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The Dream: Is this what it takes to become a National Geographic photographer?

As some readers of this blog, or Where Next Japan, may remember, in 2012 I met and interviewed pro-photographer Akasaka Tomosaki in Osaka on how to become a better photographer. … Continue reading

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Writing For Bridal

Finding the submissions guidelines for Bridal magazines is tricky. The trusted Google search results in a lot of hits, but little information on how to send in that killer article … Continue reading

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Liebster Awarded

What I love about WordPress is the community. Bloggers reading, liking, commenting, linking and even presenting other bloggers with awards! Ai at Catastrophic Findings was kind enough to pass on … Continue reading

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