The (anti) Procrastination Diaries

Finding the ways to fill the time


One of my clearest early memories is sitting on the asphalt eating area at my primary school, looking at the bigger kids and teachers and thinking, “Please please please, when I grow up let me be an artist or writer. ”

Later on that day, while trying to render onto paper the dramatic image in my head of Gandolf and the Roheran racing down a field under a stormy sky, I firmly made my decision to be a writer.

That the internet hadn’t yet been invented so I was prolific. In Year 3, I wrote a Lord of the Rings sequel, which utterly confused my teacher. (she thought Legolas was my misspelling of ‘legless’ and that I had an alcoholic in the family’)

Since university however, I’ve managed to find ways of avoiding writing, and 10 years have passed without much achievement.

Last year, I started an Australian travel blog, which changed something: writing became easier, and, buoyed by the positive feelings brought on by finishing writing, even short pieces, has got me thinking about the process of finally beating procrastination.

In this I will fail. Facebook exists, I can’t put it back in the box, but that doesn’t make the attempt any less worthy. Along the path of failure, I will try to provide other aspiring authors with what tips and resources I find that help. There will also be random articles, as my mind wanders, and I need a place to park material that doesn’t fit in my other blog: Where Next Japan.


I hope you stick around, have a look, share some tips, and leave with a greater sense of purpose to get back into whatever it was you were doing before you started browsing WordPress.


4 comments on “About

  1. schannepj
    April 4, 2012

    Hello! Thanks for stopping by and liking “A Monet Experience”. You’ve got some great posts here too. I love how eclectic it all is! Good luck on your SciFi story and keep in touch!


    • Vividhunter
      April 4, 2012

      Thanks for your comment and for posting the Monet picture. I had seen some of his art before, but never that particular painting. Such a simple subject, but so beautifully painted.

      • schannepj
        April 4, 2012

        I agree. The simplicity makes it all the more moving.

  2. En Route to Awesome
    August 8, 2013

    がんばれ, sister. I know all of those feels; I’m trying to crack a decade of ice in my skull as well. Good luck to both of us.

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