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Voice From The Past

Hi, remember me? I’m from your past. Although you may have no interest in talking to me something inside of me was curious to see where you are, what you are doing, if you’re safe and happy. Reply back if you dare.

Sometimes the messages that pop up in my Facebook Other folder are a bit strange. I’ve had propositions from lonely English men,  my ex-boyfriend’s girlfriends trying to ask me for things, and various other spam. Reading the above message today, I temporarily filed it into all three of those groups.

It took me a little while to recognise the man in the profile picture, some 13 years after we suddenly stopped spending any time together, and now old enough to be covered in a shaggy beard.

I wondered where you had gone.

Facebook is an amazing search engine. No matter if the young kids aren’t digging it anymore, or if it will become the next Myspace, I remember what it was like in the beginning, reconnecting with everyone we hadn’t talked to since highschool, or primary school, or since moving town, or since work made us too busy to catch up. Remember how at first we added EVERYONE, the more the better, doesn’t matter if you even liked each other in school, or if you even know each other at all, you’ve been friended! Over the years the list has been culled, curated, chosen more selectively. In all those years though, there were some people, important people, we never find.

Some people don’t want to be found.

My voice from the past was the one daring to reconnect, after all these years, after all the changes he endured that forced him away. I’m glad he took the time, and the courage, to do it.

Now we can stalk each others’ pictures and status updates, and Bitstrip with wild abandon, and feel like we’re connected yet again.


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