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Archaeologists are geeks who love history and puzzles. They have a lot of patience, and the ability to look carefully at, for example, a metre square of dirt, or tiny fragments of white, for hours, or even years, in order to better understand, describe and catalogue human history. Many people think of Indiana Jones when they think of archaeology, however, this has led to the incorrect view that archaeology includes a lot of encounters with Nazis, and the outdoors. Many archaeologists become specialists in highly specific fields, and wield data analysis skills as ably as Indy with his whip. They almost always work within large universities, and might consider checking their basements every now and again, as after all the scrutinising, understanding, and analysing is done, it seems like everything gets packed up nicely in a box, put downstairs and forgotten about.


Archaeologists are living the dream that we all had at one at one point in our lives – to be part of defogging large parts of our amnesic history, to help understand ourselves and our amazing, varied paths of evolution and cultural development better.

The Life Cycle of Archaeological Findings.

The Life Cycle of Archaeological Findings.


2 comments on “Archaeologists?

  1. Rustic Recluse
    June 20, 2013

    Oops, and I once wanted to be an archaeologist too 🙂

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