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Interesting Blog Awarded

Mutterings of a Midnight Muser – who writes a stack of thought-provoking essays from everything to relationships to beating procrastination (which is where I think I first encountered her blog) – recently awarded my travel blog Where Next Japan the Interesting Blog award!

It’s taken me a little while to get to accepting her nomination – but I feel humbled and very appreciative whenever people read my blog, let alone like it enough to comment or hand out an award. Thank you Midnight Muser!

Next, my favourite part of the process: Nominate 5 blogs for this award.

What can I do with a B.A. in Japanese Studies? — Of course this is more interesting to me as I HAVE a BA in Japanese Studies, but I think this is a valid question and I’m glad someone is answering it. ^^ They also write general interest articles about Japan so take a look!

Around the world in 365 Cheeses — Oh so delicious! If there’s anything I love more than travel, it’s trying the different food! I also love the punny url: lifeonthewedge

American in North Korea – I was not even aware you could DO things like this. Joseph Ferris writes, photographs, films – and generally gives an amazing window into North Korea for those of us in the outside world.

Abandoned Kansai – A blog written by German urban explorer, Florian, living in Japan – specifically the Kansai region where I also live. Though I don’t count urban exploration, or haikyo, as it’s called in Japanese, as one of my hobbies, I reading about his exploits, and the occasionally spooky photographs from long abandoned buildings in Japan. It seems like he recently visited North Korea too. Maybe I’m the only one who hasn’t done this yet 😦

That Time In… I think it’s a cool idea to write a travel blog as a series of anecdotes in the months following a long trip, and English blogger Carl does a very polished job of recounting all those interesting experiences, that time when…

And now I get to ask these bloggers 5 questions – if they choose to accept between their trips to the DPRK.

1. Where would you recommend as the best place to travel, from your experiences?
2. Why?
3. Why did you start blogging?
4. What do you always take with you on a trip/single most important piece of luggage?
5. What do you enjoy the most about the subject you blog about/why do you blog about it?

These are my answers to Midnight Muser’s questions

Why do you blog? — I started with blogging my Australia trip, and got hooked. I love the community on WordPress – especially when people comment or I start to feel I know, to some extent, other bloggers through their writing, or conversations with them.
Who has had the most influence on you as a writer? — Probably a lot of the authors I read as a child/teenager, who brought me into another world, and made me keen to explore this one more.
And in other spheres? — I write some fiction, but not as regularly as my blogs.
When did you start writing? — 10, I think, I wanted to write stories like the ones I loved reading.
When will you stop? Never :D

Keep up the great work guys!



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