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Selling Short Stories For a Song: Busybird Publishing

It can be hard finding a magazine that accepts short stories these days – unless they are vampire/zombie/brownie erotic horror themed.

Busybird Publishing’s [untitled], which seeks to avoid the labeling a more specific name might commit it to, has an open-arms approach to genre.

So what’re we after? Fiction. That’s it. It can be any genre, as long as it’s good.

Stories need to be within 8000 words, and preferably 3000 to 5000.

Taking what seems to be the growing approach of using a third-party application for submission, [untitled] requests stories to be sent through Submittable – a link to their form is at the bottom of the Contributor Guidelines section which also provides preferred formatting information, and other required information.

Payment, according to the FAQs, is uncertain, which doesn’t exclude the possibility of cash, but is more likely to be a copy of the issue your piece is featured in. First Australian Serial rights are given to [untitled] but author’s are free to publish their work elsewhere in future.

The magazine is also hosting a short story competition, held annually DECEMBER TO FEBRUARY ONLY, with $10 entry fee, and a nice payout for the winners.

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