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Writing For Bridal

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Photo by Josh: Used under Creative Commons License

Finding the submissions guidelines for Bridal magazines is tricky. The trusted Google search results in a lot of hits, but little information on how to send in that killer article on Bows: Hot or Not? or Why are strapless mermaid dresses so popular now?

The Bridal industry is massive, and ever changing. Editors are busy sculpting their product to reflect present fashions, with an eye to future trends, trying to predict for the surround industry of fashion and catering what (often) women will want next.

For this reason is some advice from Australian Bride : Magazine does not accept unsolicited material. Contact the Editor before making any submission.

The Editor’s name is not given, only the editorial department’s email address: editorial at bride dot com dot au  and the pitches they want to hear will reflect:

Features articles on wedding trends, bridal fashion, photography, beauty, jewellery, travel, gifts, wedding planning and local supplier information. Target audience: Brides-to-be, 23-35 year old professionals.

While the magazine pays for submissions, prospective journos should take a look around their intimidatingly airbrushed polished, professional website and take care to check if your next trend scoop is so 1998.

This website Think Splendid has an excellent, exhaustive list of bridal blogs and their submission guidelines for writers and photographers to approach.

Have any Bridal submission recommendations or experience in this industry? Want to request a specific writing genre for next time? Leave a note in the comments~


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