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Homemade Christmas Cards


I love DIY, especially craft. Christmas cards are sadly one of the holiday traditions I usually forget, but this year, inspired by cute designs I found online, I decided to embrace the season’s spirit and get into some crafting at the same time.

The 3D baubles look the most effective, I think, but also took the most time. After cutting out 4 or 5 circles per bauble, I folded them with the colour side inwards, then carefully glued the white edges together.

Taking much less time, but still quite pretty, are the 2D ornaments. I took Michelle Phillipi’s bright button baubles design and subbed in origami paper instead of buttons.

Christmas trees

I found this cute ribboned tree design on Designs that Inspire. As this one will go to the young daughter of a friend, I went a bit crazy with the cute stickers.


The above link also had the instructions for easy thumbprint reindeer. In Japan, the ancient city of Nara is famous for its overly friendly deer. Wanting to localise my cards a little, I altered the ribbon Christmas tree design to resemble Buddhist pagodas.


Getting more confident in my card creating skills, I decided to try a couple of designs of my own. Little snowmen, look like Japanese Ojizo statues, with their bibs and hats. The hardest part was drawing their expression! For my ski-loving brother, I made a snowman whose flying scarf seems to imply that he’s moving at speed.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, wherever they are in the world, and a fantastic start to 2013!

Did you DIY anything for Christmas this year? Do you usually bother with Christmas cards at all? Share you stories in the comments!

Christmas trees

This card ended up being a mixture of all my favourite styles. I hope everyone enjoys their cards~


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