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Weekly Write Up Returns~ Travel memoir, biography, natural history submission details


The art of the travel memoir -vagabonding_rolf_potts (Photo credit: AWWS)

Biographies, memories and travel have all been on my radar this week. Most spectacularly of course has been the Broadwell/Petraeus affair, and though the Atlantic Wire suggests that the scandal might have been good for book sales, I can’t see it being a win for the author’s long-term career ambitions (let alone marriage).

I’ve also been hunting for some travelogue/travel memoir reading after enjoying Rolf Pott’s travel journalism in, “Marco Polo didn’t go there“. The intense looking, Tracks, North to Night and A Daughter of the Samurai are on my reading list, but access is difficult in Japan. Hopefully there are some contemporary memoirists out there, as I have chosen the Calidris Literary Agency this week. A company specialising in “Non-fiction, especially travel narrative, memoir, biography, natural history.”

Calidris prefer direct initial inquiries, either via phone or email sallybird at calidrislitagency dot com (or the form on their website), but no manuscript unless asked for, in hard-copy. They don’t charge a reading fee and reply times are generally 4 – 6 weeks.

From their author guidelines page:

Calidris does not accept speculative fiction, fantasy, children’s books or poetry.

Submissions to be made in hard copy only. Please include the following:

  • First three chapters and one-page synopsis
  • Brief summary of chapters OR Table of Contents
  • For fiction – profiles of main characters (optional)
  • Market analysis including target readership and list of competing or comparable titles where applicable
  • The author’s relevant biographical details including previous publications if applicable
  • A Stamped, Self-addressed Envelope (SSAE) large enough to contain the work submitted for return of the material.

The work should be typed double-spaced on one side of the page only and all pages should be un-bound and numbered.
Please do not send anything bound in folders.
Please state whether your manuscript has been submitted to other agents or is currently under consideration by a publisher.
If the manuscript has been professionally assessed please include a copy of the report.

If you have any good travel narrative book (or blog) recommendations, please comment~ Happy writing!


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