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Blasting Off With Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine

This week’s installment of The Weekly Write up looks at a sci-fi listing for Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine.

This is 6 issue a year, sci fi, horror and fantasy prose, reviews, articles and poem magazine. Described as preferring ” lighter, amusing styles of science fiction and fantasy.”

Andromeda accepts only emailed submissions, with an average 8 week response time. They have a rotating editorial team to improve chances for new writers. This is the link to their lovely, explicit submissions page with an FAQ, outlines of grammar expectations, pay rates and their interesting, ‘tracking number included’ submission area.

Successful authors receive a copy of the magazine, which, while published for Australian circulation, in their own words is submitted “to reviewers at Locus, Asimovs, Tangent, IROSF, The Fix and more, and also to several Year’s Best anthologies. We’re reviewed regularly by many of them. Getting published in ASIM does not mean your fiction will only be seen by a handful of wallabies in outback Australia!”

Good luck and happy writing~


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