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When Imagination Fails: Google

I have been coming up against a hole in my world building, unable to form even a skeletal, sketchy idea of what my alien race looks/acts like. After an hour of staring at the screen, I gave in and Googled: Alien generator finding  Seventh Sanctum to address this severe imagination depletion.

While the website looks very basic, the generator gives that gentle prod in the inspiration blocked writers sometimes need. It gives an overview of an alien race in a few sentences, describing their physical appearance a little bit of culture, and maybe something about their planet or history. Generating 10 races at once gives a good bounty of traits to cherry-pick.

Some examples include:

The skeletal race of avians. They are lithovores. Biologically they are inclined to be pirates. Their major technical achievements are in cybernetics. They have not yet mastered even one world.

The reptilian race. Certain sensory extremes are painful to them. They are an all-female race. Their economy is dependent on one technology: botany. Under stress, they undergo distinct personality changes. They control a solar system. They are actually highly sophisticated machines created by another people.

The tiny, gas-based, silver-shelled race. They are earless. Their limbs are not so much specific, but are used for multiple functions. Their brains let them process massive amounts of information in parallel. They are famous for producing intellectuals. Their economy is dependent on one technology: botany. They exist only to wipe out all other competing life forms. Their government is a theocracy. They are in possession of advanced technology from an ancient race.

I’m not even sure how a race can be biologically inclined to be pirates, but it would be fun finding out. ^^


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