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This week, I found a listing for young adult readers and reviewers: a journal published 5 times a year called Magpies Magazine which pays for submissions of reviews and articles.

As the above page describes, Magpies is looking for:

  • Reviews of new children’s and young adult books published in Australia and overseas.
  • Articles of interest to people involved in children’s literature – parents, librarians, teachers, students and academics in the field of children’s literature.
  • An author or illustrator (“Know the Author”) interview in each issue.
  • The Magpies Collection – information on awards and what’s happening around Australia in children’s literature.

The submission guidelines also state:

  • Articles submitted should deal with an aspect of children’s literature and should be no longer than 2 500 words in length. Articles may be submitted by mail or via email. Writers should be familiar with the journal and have an understanding of the type of material published before submitting articles.
  • Please allow four months for a decision on publication. Payment is received on publication.

I had a poke around the website and found at the bottom the ‘current issue’ section a selection of samples , both of articles and reviews, from the journal, as well as a list of books reviewed.

The current editor is James Turton, james at magpies dot net dot au and the target readership include librarians, parents, teachers and others involved in children’s education.

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