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First blog award ever~

My first ever blog award! Now… how to put the banner in my sidebar…

RebeccaV of Reading Today bestowed The Lovely Blogger award on me via her other blog (a fellow double blogger!) Friffle Thoughts. I was new to FriffleT, but clicked, HUMOR, the biggest word in her category cloud, and found: The list of “Stuff Parents Say (to each other).

A list of phrases that will no doubt haunt me in the childbearing future but for now I’m loving: 9. Get the scissors. We’re going to cut her out.

Through Friffle Thoughts (such a cute, slightly lacy name), Rebecca has also thoughtfully written out the task list for awarded bloggers to complete.

First, return the love. THANK YOU~~ I’m glad someone enjoys reading the ‘this and that’ random nature of this blog. I hope everyone reading this will check out either of Rebecca’s sites, Reading Today and/or Friffle Thoughts (Friffle is just so fun to say).

I like Reading Today a lot, not only because I have a deep interest in books, but I also enjoy well written reviews (surprisingly difficult to write). Rebecca obviously loves her subject, the most necessary ingredient for good blogging, and is often wracked with guilt when unable to finish a terrible/terribly boring book. I respect that, because I can be a bit of toe-in-the-story-dipper, and, even worse, a multiple page skipper and skimmer when I get really irritated with a book. I can imagine Rebecca now regarding me with the same disgust as a vegan in a house of veal pancakes and wishing she could call back the pink butterfly tree.

But now it’s time for me to pass them on to 15 other bloggers, as well as divulging 7 random facts about myself. As I’m a bit under-the-weather, it’s a perfect job for today. I can plug in my Youtube mix and read through interesting blogs.

7 Randoms

1. I know personally at least 4 people with their birthday on May 15th, including my brother, my husband’s sister, and my close friend Mayuko, and a friend from school.

2. I saw the band Expatriate live, as the opener for Something for Kate, before I’d ever heard any of their songs. They went on to be one of my favourite bands and I sometimes daydream about time-traveling back to that concert and rocking my heart out.

3. As a kid, I threw up 3 times consecutively after eating asparagus soup and haven’t been really keen on them since.

4. I met Ben Croshaw “Yahtzee” once before he started Zero Punctuation and instead wrote really great essays on Fully Ramblomatic, including one squaring Shinji Ikari (Neon Genesis) off against some tissue paper. He was/(is?) a pretty considerate, funny guy with an awesome hat.

5. The first CD I ever bought myself was Savage Garden’s debut. The third album from A Perfect Circle, killed my desire to ever to pay money for an unlistened to CD, even from a band I liked, ever again.

6. I experienced a magnitude 6 earthquake in Ibaraki on March 11, while desperately trying to keep my husband’s huge glass fishtank from smashing to the ground. Being rocked by steadily strengthening seismic waves for a minute while clutching a heavy, slippery glass box is not fun.

7. I seem to be good at one job, teaching, however, even before the earthquake when I worked at kindergartens, I lost my voice on a monthly basis and lately, every time I see children in large groups, my throat has an allergic reaction (hence today’s unwellness). I am kind of concerned about this.

Ok now for some lovely blogs. (why am I hearing Father Ted saying that…? Oh that’s right, my lovely horse ^^) What do I consider lovely… I think a lovely blog is a blog that is always good to open up and read, something to anticipate, to break concentration for when the instant message notification comes up (need to close MSN when working…). Lovely blogs inspire somehow, either with fantastic photography, or art, humor or engaging the reader somehow in their passion.

Streets of Salem: I always look forward to new posts in this blog. Donna Seger is a professional historian, and reminds me of my favourite professors at university, who weren’t just there for the job, but driven to gain a greater understanding of their subject. She writes about history, often the architectural landscape of Salem, and nature, both modern botany and historical, punctuating interesting facts and asides with, my favourite part, relevant scans from old books or photographs.

Shiga Monogatari: Fellow Japan explorer and photographer of frogs and other things cute and quirky. Provides some of the best pictures of everyday Japan, especially the always amusing products in 100 yen shops, and delicious bakery fare.

Japan in 365 Days Another photographer in Japan, taking gorgeous shots of Hagi and Nagano, and around. Always an inspiration to get out and take some photos.

Jenny’s Sketchbook A very talented artist who specialises in Tolkien art, Jenny frequently provides step-by-step instruction of how she produces her drawings and watercolours. I learnt from her that painting with coffee provides a whole spectrum of glossy, brown shades. Great stuff.

Soul Child Studio Another drawing and tutorial blog. Erica is another double blogger, and I enjoy reading both SCS for its step-by-step, how to draw instructions and Little Things, her daily life, artist with studio and young baby in NZ, blog.

The Illustrated Garden: Oh, I wish I could make my colour pencils do what she gets them to do.

Travel Photography by Dmitrii Lezine: Always beautiful photos, immaculately shot and edited.

Lost on Planet China: Always a fun read about the triumphs and travails of teaching English in China.

Weir Tales: Penelope is perhaps the best book reviewer I’ve ever read. I sometimes wonder if I will enjoy the books she reviews as much as her writing about them. (but we both enjoyed Embassytown, so maybe I will)

Idle lore: There’s a lot for me, author of a blog about being a writer trying not to procrastinate, to relate to within Idle Lore’s posts. I always enjoy reading his ideas on getting words onto paper, and understand the struggles to do so.

The Eagle Eyed Editor A new read for me, but an enjoyable one, full of humour and good advice on editing, a personal area of weakness.

Here in Aid A 23 year old music journalist in NYC, Kashfi Fahim provides links to a lot of freely downloadable music, promoting new and upcoming artists, as well as writing thoughtful descriptions of their work. Great place to uncover some awesome, new indie.

Photolord Contest:  One jaw-dropping photo per day. Love it. Will I ever be that good…?

Catherine Caffeinated Catherine probably has so many  blog awards that another pink butterfly tree in her border would be kind of a pain (but then again, I think she likes pink). However, if there is one blog that combines great writing advice, with inspiration self-publishing success, and a fun read, it’s hers.

A Serene Scribe Another newy, but she loves tea, made me glad I don’t work in a cubical (though flicking paper clips across walls sounds fun) and alerted me to the idea that drive-by like button pushing is rude.

So there you go, 15 awesome, lovely blogs to enjoy. ^^


7 comments on “First blog award ever~

  1. Kashfi Fahim
    May 26, 2012

    🙂 Just wanted to thank you for the great honor, it really made the first month of writing, now, very worthwhile.

    Really, can’t express how much I appreciate it the gesture.


    • Vividhunter
      May 26, 2012

      No worries, I really enjoy reading your write-ups of the bands, and access to new free music is great too!

  2. Erica Smith
    May 26, 2012

    Thanks so much! My dad is so proud lol… Sorting out a few gremlins and will have to update my blogs ASAP so as not to disappoint! Hope you’re well xx

  3. daseger
    May 26, 2012

    Thanks so much–for the nomination and all these great links! I feel honored to be included in this creative company.

  4. racheldeangelis
    May 27, 2012

    Thanks for including me as well! I’ve never gotten a blog award before! 😀 I need to nominate 15 blogs? Ahhhh! I don’t know if I read that many other blogs! Time to get to work…

    • Vividhunter
      May 27, 2012

      Haha, I know! So much work for award winners >< But it's a lot of fun and makes people happy ^^

  5. Dana
    May 27, 2012

    Thank you very much for the award and recognition. I’ve enjoyed getting to know your blog as well through this experience. That was very nice of you to do!!

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