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Next Great Storyteller Competition

Matador Network, along with Nat Geo (the trendier incarnation of National Geographic), are running a competition named: The Next Great Storyteller and it finishes March 31st.

Entry is $25 USD per entry, and you can only enter once in each category:

  • Blog (300 words or less)
  • Magazine Article (700 words or less)
  • Video (No more than 3 minutes)
  • Photo Essay (5 photos or less on a single subject)

$25 is a bit steep, especially since the prizes are only a year’s subscription to Nat Geo (unless you’re in the US, then you might win a trip to DC to meet the Nat Geo Editors). However, your work is being evaluated by some influential people, and if they like what they see you might be getting published in one of the world’s most recognisable magazines.

I recommend close checking of the rules and FAQs. Signed release forms are required for any recognisable people, art or personal property in the photos, which might exclude all those shots of strangers doing interesting things (moral of the story: prod your friends into bizarre situations).

A sudden surge of the  ‘gotta be in it to win it’ feeling prompted my submission.

Good luck to any entrants ^^



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