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Crowdsourced distraction

I love the idea of crowd-sourcing. Anything that taps into the combined power of people to create something: horrifying, hilarious and NSFW memes, movie, book and game reviews and of course the plethora of wikis – pedias, answers, travel guides. Crowd-sourcing ventures are becoming more ambitious, leaking out into the real world with social banking and fan-owned soccer teams. You can even attempt to make your own feature film.

More relevant to the aim of this blog toward efficient and productive stretching of creative muscles was the discovery CrowdSpring. The site seeks to match ‘creatives’ – such as graphic designers and writers – to businesses in need of a memorable new logo or slogan.

Setting up an account is quick and easy, after reading and signing (with a digital tick) the non-disclosure form, and then it’s simply a matter of streamlining your profile to your strengths. Unfortunately, I’m not a graphic designer, so I began skimming the tasks set for writers.

Task chosen, the hard part began, actually using my grey matter to consider the problem at hand: a website name that was catchy, memorable, fun, referenced something magical (or alternatively sciencey), wasn’t cheesy. It’s hard work.

List of possible names in hand, I began to streamline and finally chose two that I wrote up a short pitch for and submitted directly to the business.

Each project has a gallery page, full of numbered submissions (the project I entered had around 500), though you can only see your own product. These are rated by the business with a star and optional comments. You can see on the ‘Project Stat’ page how the overall group has been rated. My first attempt was ‘too feminine’ and rated only 2 stars (actually not too bad, this business is a hard marker!) though my second reaped one of the rare 4 stars ranks and a positive comment: ‘love the humor, but too long, anything else around this concept?’.

I have 2 days until the deadline to wrack my brains and hopefully come up with the chosen web-name. The payout is $300, which is a temptingly large amount, enough to justify not focusing on my main project. But I’m not afraid of a little competition, so I hope anyone else out there who has dreams of being the next great sloganeer, or just has a lot of time on their hands checks it out!


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